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Creating Sub Domains using cPanel

Sub-domains are a neat feature included on every hosting account, they are '3rd level domain names'

They are in the format: Sub-domains are useful for seperating parts of your site or hosting seperate websites on your domain name. To create a sub-domain, enter CPanel and click on the following button:

You will then come to the Sub Domain Maintenance Menu:

If any sub-domains are already setup you'll see them listed under 'Current Sub-Domains'. To create a new sub-domain, enter it's name in the text box (we've used example) and click

The system will then create the sub-domain and create a sub directory with the same name as the sub-domain in public_html where you can upload pages to the sub-domain. It will also create a cgi-bin directory in that folder where you can put your cgi scripts.

To delete a sub-domain, simply select it from the drop down box next to the Delete button, and click

An extra feature of subdomains is you can create a FTP account to allow FTP access to it without giving out your main FTP password for the rest of your site.

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