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I have uploaded some changes to my web site and when I go to my page in my browser I do not see the changes?


In some cases, you may need to refresh your browser window or clear your browsers cache.  If refreshing the browser window does not solve the problem, please clear the cache following the directions below.


Note: These instructions are for clearing the cache of Microsoft and Netscape browsers. You need to clear your cache when you can't see changes in files you have uploaded because your browser is caching them on your hard disk. To increase load time, your browser will cache pages you access rather then go back to the Internet to get them.


Microsoft Internet Explorer Instructions

1. Open an Internet Explorer window.

2. Click Tools from the menu bar.

3. Select Internet Options.

4. On the General Tab, usually the default tab, you will see an area labeled Temporary Internet Files. In that section is a button that says Delete Files. Press this button.

5. Press OK on the dialogue window that opens up.

6. Press OK and close the Internet Tools window. You are finished.

Netscape Navigator Instructions

1. Open a Navigator Windows.

2. Click Edit on the menu bar.

3. Select Preferences.

4. On the left side, double-click Advanced, and the menu should expand underneath it.

5. Click on Cache.

6. On the right side, press the Clear Disk Cache button, followed by the Clear Memory Cache button.

7. Press OK. You are finished.

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